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Little Italy NYC - Best Guide to Restaurants and Cafes in Little Italy NYC

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Once Little Italy NYC was the lively home of most of New York City's Italian population. Now Little Italy is a top tourist destination in Manhattan on Mulberry Street between Broome and Canal. The narrow cobblestone streets beneath last century's fire escapes are lined with Italian restaurants which still serve the best Italian food outside Italy! Catering to tourists and locals alike Little Italy makes every day feel like a festival.

The cosy restaurants in Little Italy with red-and-white chequered tablecloths are worth visiting for delicious traditional Italian food and great wines. Come and stroll the street of Little Italy and don't miss to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral. Enjoy fine outdoor dining and have an espresso, cappuccino, and pastries after a great meal at one of Little Italy's caffés.

Italianize your first name :)  
Shopping for imported Italian delicacies on Grand Street is a lot of fun. Old St. Patrick's Church (263 Mulberry St, Mott/Prince) is a beautiful Gothic revival church from 1809. The Baptism scene in the Godfather shows this church.

There are also numerous festivals throughout the year. Every September the San Gennaro Festival takes place in Little Italy. It is a great experience.

Get to NYC's Little Italy by taxi, Double Decker Bus, or Subways:

  • J/M/Z to Canal
  • N/R/Q/W to Canal
  • 6 to Canal

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NYC Beyond Little Italy

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Little Italy NYC

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