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iconAt Little Italy - NYC
iconLittle Italy is definitely my favorite part of nyc.
iconSpending the day in little Italy, nyc :)
iconLOVE Little Italy! Living in NYC has its perks.:)
iconSince I'm such an enthusiast for great food, I might have to take another trip to NYC this summer for that Little Italy cuisine!
iconThings to buy in NYC to bring back home: knishes, pastries from Ferraro's in Little Italy, a good pizza pie, bagels
iconIt's crazy to see NYC's Little Italy and saying "I've eaten at that place and that place and been here....". Oh NYC, miss you.
iconLittle Italy in NYC - can you say YUM?!
iconGreat day in NYC yesterday! Saw "Avenue Q" & had amazing food in LIttle Italy. A new family tradition & a great way to start the year!
iconNo rain so it looks like dinner in Little Italy, NYC tonite!
iconLittle italy in nyc :)
iconI love Google Earth. Hella just toured NYC's Little Italy, virtually.
iconI would kill for some food from Little Italy in NYC right now.
iconSuccessful day in NYC...Staten Island ferry, hot dog, Wall St 'protest', dim sum in Chinatown, Little Italy, Grand Central Station...done
iconSan Gennaro at Little Italy in NYC is awesome.
iconSt.Generos fair in Little Italy! I love NYC!
iconYayy San Gennaro feast in Little Italy, NYC on Sunday with mia famiglia!
iconHeaded out for dinner in Little Italy in NYC, the drinks in East Village. It's the life.
iconShooting at Figli of Saint Gennaro Festival, in Little Italy! God I love NYC...
iconI wish I was in NYC this today for the the San Gennaro Festival. It starts today in little Italy.
iconToday starts the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy NYC!! Yayyyyyy!! Ciao!!!
iconI just had the best NYC Pizza experience ever at L'asso on Mott in Little Italy. NYers: I finally get what you mean about great NY pizza!
iconChillin in Little Italy down in NYC...SPAGHETTI!!!!
iconHaving a true NYC day..... Shopping in Chinatown and Little Italy, then up to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park....
iconShop in Soho, dinner in Little Italy. Such a beautiful night in NYC! x
iconthis time next week I'll be in Little Italy NYC eating dinner :)
iconHigh Line in NYC today!!!! and Soho, China Town, and Little Italy! Love!
iconSitting at a Wendy's restaurant in the lower side of Broadway. Just checked out Little Italy and Chinatown. NYC is fantastic.
iconGreat dinner in Little Italy nyc w/ my Mom and sister. Always good to see the family esp on the road.
iconCan't wait to go back to Times Square and NYC!!! I love it, so much to see and do. China town and Little Italy are lots of fun.
iconWent to Little Italy in NYC today and ate in an Italian restaurant.. Perfect spaghetti and meatballs.. Never been so full in my life
iconCan anyone recommend somewhere good to eat round Little Italy, NYC?
iconNYC is the place to be right now. Eating at La Mela in little Italy. Its Fantastic!
iconIt's all about the food in NY - I have to shout out to my friends at Da Gennaro Restaurant in Little Italy, NYC - WoW now that's YUMMIE :)
iconBeautiful moon over Little Italy NYC tonight.
iconThe cannoli I ordered from Ferrara's Little Italy NYC will be here tomorrow!
iconHeading to NYC Chinatown and Little Italy, with Biryani Cart thrown in for lunch. This city is a foodie's dream location
iconNYC yesterday - Magnolia Bakery, Kate Spade, Eatly, The Village, Soho, Canal St, Little Italy, & The Book of Mormon. It was a dream day!
iconI'm up before 5am, NYC time. Because I am still on Italian time. The only cure must be a trip to Little Italy.
iconpreparing for the next phase, and a cool time in NYC....excited that people are already buying tickets....dinner in Little Italy after...
iconGoing to NYC for the day tomorrow. Hopefully going to the wax museum, empire state building, & Little Italy
iconOff to NYC. First stop Little Italy before we board the Yacht to see the statue of liberty and watch fireworks from the harbor...Happy 4th!
iconLinguine with clam sauce what a lunch Lennys in little Italy NYC is the best
iconLittle Italy pizza in little Italy NYC AMAZING
iconAlso why is Chinatown immediately next to little Italy in sf like and NYC?
iconLast day in NYC- taking a culinary tour of china town and little Italy. First incredibly yummy Dim Sum, now for gelato...
iconLast day in NYC; I will miss my sister, my beautiful suite at the Waldorf Astoria, Broadway, and Little Italy!
iconIf NYC is a future destination, you have to try Giovanna's in little Italy - corner of Mulberry & Hester. Some of the best Italian anywhere!
iconBack in NYC, at Lombardi's in Little Italy. Best pizza in town, you know.
iconBack from NYC and I must say Lombardi's pizza in Little Italy rules!
iconBreakdown of NYC...ESB, MOMA, SofL, Chinatown, Little Italy, WTC.
iconI forgot how great little Italy is. A gem in NYC. And it's real little
iconDad showing us NYC then dinner with the aunts in little Italy = perfect weekend
iconchillin at a cute italian spot called DaMicoin little italy,nyc
iconEnjoy NYC ... Been there many times and it never gets old .. B sure to get to Little Italy for some amazing food
iconHalf Day at the office then heading into NYC can't wait may have to make a visit to Little Italy (Ferrara's) Iam thinking
iconHave an amazing trip to NYC everyone!! Eat a Canolli in little Italy for me!! Yummy so good .. Memories:)
iconHello, NYC!!! First stop: little Italy
iconNYC Must see/do: Letterman; walk the Brooklyn Bridge; explore Central Park on foot, avoid Empire State building, meal in Little Italy
iconIn Little Italy NYC, I've just had my first haircut in over six months. I feel very light. Thank you Sal the barber.
iconEating lunch at Little Italy in NYC!
iconCan't believe I'm in NYC! I forgot how amazing this city is!! Soho, little Italy, & Chinatown in 5 hours. Ready, go.
iconHad dinner in Little Italy. Me and Ash have eaten at the same joint all 3 times we came to NYC. Its called tradition. And great eats
iconhad a lovely time in Little Italy, stuffed full of manicotti & cheesecake. now what to do with rest of the night. suggestions nyc people?
iconMulberry Street in Little Italy is Buzzing , People are tired of being indoors if your in the NYC area Join US
iconLittle Italy nyc I love you, but 930 am on a saturday is too early for a parade with bagpipes.
iconJust finished a lovely dinner in little italy in NYC. So nice to be back in the city!
iconMy agenda before we leave NYC - canal st for some goodies and yum yums in little italy !
iconLittle italy has sum of the best pizza in nyc
iconNYC trip was fabulous!~!! what a trip! eat my favourite LITTLE ITALY PIZZA Smack!!and dine and wined in place with Photos of Dean Martin
iconNYC little italy... Cannoli... Mmmm
iconWent to a ton of NYC landmarks. FAO Schwarz, the APPLE store, Rockefeller Center, China Town, Little Italy and Central Park.
iconFresh strawberries from Little Italy, NYC....magnifico
iconGreat night in NYC! Amazing dinner in Little Italy with friends...and the sound of "God bless America" coming from Ground Zero...
iconLunch in Little Italy, NYC. Yum!
iconI'm either in heaven or little Italy NYC. :)))
iconSo happy for democracy in Egypt! Out for a couples dinner in Little Italy NYC !! Loving life :)
iconYES. little italy. OMG. must happen. i WILL be in NYC this spring.
iconLittle Italy's Mulberry Street is NYC's Hottest New Restaurant Row:
iconAt Lombardi's pizzeria in Little Italy. One last bit of NYC awesome before flying home. :)
iconHeading back to NYC for two days of culture. Little Italy, Museum of Natural History, and Lower East Side: get ready for me :)
iconOff to cook some meatballs and bake red velvet cakes. Yum - it's like little Italy NYC in my yard right now...
iconHaving lunch in little italy NYC :D
iconWhat is this? Eating outside in little Italy on January 1st in NYC?! amazing weather. Amazing night.
iconDeh ya in little
iconI'm just saying Merry Christmas. This photo from Little Italy, NYC
iconNYC cab rides. Puccini. Today, metro museum of art then hopping on the train down to Soho, Little Italy.
iconEnjoy a full-length feature from the current issue that explores the big surprises found in NYC's Little Italy.
iconHome from NYC! Awesome way to begin Christmas..Broadway, Times Square, Blue Man, Good Morning America, Little Italy, Chinatown, COLD!
iconjust cut into and tasted the best ever soppressata - from NYC's Little Italy when my wife was there two weeks ago. this Italian is happy!
iconEnjoying our last night in NYC at Angelo's in Little Italy. Had a great anniversary trip with family and friends.
iconUp waaay to early to head into NYC for Cirque Du Soleil!!!! So excited :-) then little italy for dinner!
iconI had an awesomevday, packed with NYC museums, central park, 5th avenue, times square, china town, little Italy, and Broadway. :)
iconHanging with some friends in Little Italy NYC. Great time!
iconJust finished racing along floats at the East meets West Parade in Little Italy NYC. Minime was on the best one! Il Cortil! Post on F.B.
iconIn a great pasta place in little Italy, NYC. Yum yum
iconWhat restaurant do you recommend to eat at in Little Italy in NYC. I'm trying to find a new fabulous date place :)
iconCaffe Napoli in Little Italy from random walk this evening. #NYC
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