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Guide to the Top Little Italy Restaurants in NYC

Little Italy restaurants in NYC server the best Italian food outside Italy. The cosy restaurants with red-and-white chequered tablecloths are worth visiting for delicious traditional Italian food and great wines.

NYC little italy restaurant map
# Name Price Street Phone
1Pellegrino's$$$138 Mulberry St(212) 226-3177
2Amici II$$165 Mulberry St(212) 334-3869
3Il Cortile $$125 Mulberry St(212) 226-6060
4Da Nico$$164 Mulberry St(212) 343-1212
5Il Palazzo Ristorante Italiano$$$151 Mulberry St(212) 343-7000
6Angelo of Mulberry$$$146 Mulberry St(212) 966-1277
7Buona Notte$$120 Mulberry St(212) 965-1111
8La Mela$$167 Mulberry St(212) 431-9493
9Puglia Ristorante $$189 Hester St(212) 966-6006
10Paesano of Mulberry$$136 Mulberry St(212) 965-1188
11Grotta Azzurra$$177 Mulberry St(212) 925-8775
12Cafe Sorrento$$132 Mulberry St(212) 219-8634
13Sofia's of Little Italy$$143 Mulberry St(212) 219-9799
14Caffe Palermo$$148 Mulberry St(212) 431-4205
15Casa Bella$$127 Mulberry St(212) 431-4080

Visitors tweeting about Little Italy Restaurants

iconJust finishing a delightful dinner in little italy at my fav place da nico. Been forever since I've been here!iconCheck out Rubirosa - 235 mulberry street. little italy nyc. Stopped in last night after fanelli cafe - good crowd, food.... Molto bene'
iconWe got a Sanitary Inspection Grade A! Just another reason why its great to eat at La Mela! of the Day: "We love La Mela.We always make it a point to eat here when we're in NYC" -Kim & Britt Crane
iconfood orgasm: Chicken Parm with Spaghetti and Meatballs at La Mela in Little Italy! Ooee!!!iconVery nice dinner at Il Cortile. Normally shy away from Italian restaurants, but so much good food that no pasta's necessary.
iconHappy New Year from Il Cortile!!iconHeading to Pellegrino's now for NYE dinner with the family, then up to Washington Heights to party. Happy New Year everyone!
iconHappy New Year's Eve from Il Cortile! Have a resolution to become a better at home chef? Register for our Art (cont) italian food ive ever had in my life? quite possibily...second thought.. maybe second to little italy in NYC!
iconDining. Angelo of Mulberry Street. Spedini. Win.iconDinner for 2: $60 Filet Mignon Marsala & Chicken Sorrentina tonight from 5-10 PM at Angelo's of Mulberry Street.

Italien Food Lingo

Whether you are in Little Italy or actually in Italy understanding some basic Italian Restaurant words is fun and helpful.

Basic Menu

  • Antipasti - Appetizers
  • Pane - Bread
  • Zuppa - Soups
  • Insalata - Salad
  • Primi Piatti First course
  • Secondi Piatti - Main course
  • Dolce - Dessert
  • Alla - describes the style, i.e. Alla Napoletana means in neapolitan style.
  • Al dente - pasta is firm to bite
  • Fritti - fried
  • Freddo - cold
  • Ai ferri - grilled
  • Affogato - poached
  • Piccante - spicy
  • Affumicato - smoked
  • Risotto - savory rice
  • Gnocchi - small dumplings
  • Cannelloni - large filled pasta tubes
  • Prosciutto - smoked ham
  • Funghi - mushrooms
  • Grissini - bread sticks
A very detailed list of Italian food words can be found at

Little Italy Map NYC



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