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Who makes the best Pizza in Little Italy?

iconCheck out Rubirosa - 235 mulberry street. little italy nyc. Stopped in last night after fanelli cafe - good crowd, food.... Molto bene'
iconLittle italy pizza time.. Ohh yeah :)
iconLombardi's in Little Italy began selling pizza in 1905 for 5 cents a pie. The store is credited as the country's first pizzeria.
iconLandini's pizzeria for lunch. The best Pizza in Little Italy!
iconJust had the best pizza ever... In little italy
iconThe best pizzas are made in Little Italy, New York. The perfect place to go find out: What the word "pizza" means?...
iconI'm in americas first pizzeria in little italy: Lombardi's Pizza
iconI'm making pizza tonight with some red wine! (My own little italy tonight)
iconI want some OG Italiano homemade pizza in some Little Italy, NY pizza shop.
iconPizza snack in Little Italy in a cute little restaurant...yum
iconNYC's Little Italy pizza and calamari...amazing. I loved S.P.Q.R. :)
iconIn little italy. Just had an awesome late lunch. Margherita pizza, friend raviolis and stuffed artichoke
icon<---in Little Italy about to eat at Lombardi's Pizza :D
iconBest italian food ive ever had in my life? quite possibily...second thought.. maybe second to little italy in NYC!
iconNY style pizza, cannolis from Little Italy & one of my bestfriends and her older brothers = perfect night :)
iconGetting pizza with the fam down in little italy
iconLegit Italian pizza in little Italy
iconO MY Gosh! I just had the BEST thin crust pizza ever! At a little town called little italy!
iconIts freaking cold! I can't feel anything at all. I'm at Little Italy...having some pizza and but this restaurant is warm and this coffee too
iconJust had the most brilliant vegan pizza: A bruschetta slice from "little Italy" near city hall. Damn it was good. I still heart NYC.
iconSpecials/Events for Today: Featured Menu Item - Little Italy Special - The Special Grandma’s Pizza (little spicy) All Day
iconLittle Italy pizza :) this city is making me a fatty but i dont even care
iconLittle Italy for pizza and beer...
iconNYC!! I love the city. The lights, the food, the energy, the Christmas Spirit and I LOVE MANHATTAN!! Can u say Little Italy!!
iconhad an amazing pizza in little Italy, going to ground zero next!
iconPizza in little italy makes me want to go back to italy
iconToday: FAMILY! Rockefeller Center, Christmas pictures with holiday decorations, pizza, egg nog latte, friends, my room, Little Italy, :)
iconpizza in little italy? oh. my. god. <3
iconfinally got to try Little Italy's pizza...and let's just say, I don't even want Pizza Hut anymore! Best pizza ever!
iconIs at Lombardis in little Italy bout to eat some OG pizza
iconSpecials/Events for Today: Featured Menu Item - Little Italy Special - The Special Grandma’s Pizza (little spicy) All Day
iconJust had 2 fat NY slices I'm so full Speaking of Pizza I'm gunna go to little Italy tomorrow and go to Lombardi's the 1st pizza place (cont)
iconDough Boys, Jimmy Bannos + Scott Harris Little Italy pizzeria, set to open Fri. Solid menu of thin crust & stuffed pizza, salads, sandwiches
icon@mdehahn, we can go to a pizza place or there's this Little Italy place I went to! I won't stress anymore!
iconi love them cheap slices of pizza from little italy when im on cloud 9....#obsessions...
icon@whitneyEVEport Lombardi's pizzeria in Little Italy. Best pizza ever.
icon3rd piece of pizza on this trip, the best so far...but I've got one day 2 find better! (@ Little Italy Gourmet Pizza & Pasta Parlor)
icon@tommiebozich best pizza is Lombardi's in Little Italy! We always get meatballs. Also load up on cupcakes - crumbs, magnolia, etc
iconI'm at Little Italy Gourmet Pizza (11Park Pl, Broadway and Church, New York).
iconSpecials/Events for Today: Featured Menu Item - Little Italy Special - The Special Grandma’s Pizza (little spicy) All Day
iconAbout to have some pizza in Little Italy!
icon@LisaCim NYC right? little italy? hah.they have amazing food! watca doing here in nyc? :D i live hereee
icon@cryslewis which is why when we're in nyc we're going to Little Italy to get the authentic food from the mafia run restaurants ;)
iconOut in NYC ... Almost the end of November and eating outside... Great Italian food in Little Italy.. Wow, go figure :)
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