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Puglia Ristorante Restaurant Reviews and Info

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Puglia Ristorante Restaurant Overview

Puglia Ristorante Restaurant
189 Hester St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-6006

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Puglia Ristorante Restaurant Reviews

About Puglia Ristorante Restaurant

In 1919 Gregorio Garofalo came over from Italy to begin his American dream...

He rented a basement, put in his coal stoves, and sprinkled saw dust on the floor. With his knowledge of creating homemade wines, and his passion for cooking, Gregorio's dream began....

The name ..."Puglia" is a region in Southern Italy from which he immigrated.

People came from far to indulge in the delicacies Gregorio prepared; Capuzzello (sheepshead), Tripe (the lining of the stomach of a young ox), and Pasta E Fagioli (pasta and beans), but what they loved the most was the way he treated everyone like his own family.

Today with his 3rd generation carrying on the recipes and the values he taught them.


Puglia Ristorante Restaurant Menu

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